UNESCO Ignores Jewish History


Table of Contents

Gates in Jerusalem’s Old City Walls .

The Jews in Jerusalem by Edwin S. Wallace

Model of Jerusalem’s Second Temple

Introduction  ….

Jerusalem’s Jewish Link: Historic, Religious, Political  .

Islam’s Tenuous Connection to Jerusalem

Jordan’s Shameful Record

Reunited Jerusalem  .

Jerusalem was never an Arab City

The “Two Jerusalems” Myth

Destroying History .

The Holy Places and Jerusalem

Internationalization of Jerusalem .

The United Nations and Jerusalem

UN Resolution 242

Palestinian Terror in the City of Peace

Notes  ..


Jerusalem  and  the  Jewish  people  are  so  intertwined  that  telling  the history of one is telling the history of the other. For more than 3,000  years, Jerusalem  has  played  a  central  role  in  the  history  of  the  Jews,  culturally,  politically,  and  spiritually,  a  role  first documented in the Scriptures. All through the 2,000 years of the diaspora,  Jews  have  called  Jerusalem  their  ancestral  home.  This  harply  contrasts  the  relationship  between  Jerusalem  and  those  who inflate Islam’s links to the city.
The  Arab  rulers  who  controlled  Jerusalem  through  the  1950s  and 1960s demonstrated no religious tolerance in a city that gave birth to two major Western religions. That changed after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Israel regained control of the whole city. Symbolically, one of Israel’s first steps was to officially recognize and  respect  all  religious  interests  in  Jerusalem.  But  the  war  for  control of Jerusalem and its religious sites continues. Palestinian Arab terrorism has targeted Jerusalem particularly in an  attempt  to  gain  control  of  the  city  from  Israel.  The  result  is  that they have turned Jerusalem, the City of Peace, into a bloody battleground  and  have  thus  forfeited  their  claim  to  share  in  the  cit y ’s  de st i ny.
It is my hope that more people will be motivated to actively engage in the defense of the legal stances of modern Zionism regarding Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Additionally, I hope that this pamphlet will encourage the reader to study this subject more thoroughly.
Eli E. Hertz

Palestinian Terror in the City of Peace

Palestinian  Arabs  have  concentrated  many  of  their  terrorist  attacks  on  Jews  in  Jerusalem,  hoping  to  win  the  city  by  an onslaught of suicide bombers who seek too make life in the City of Peace unbearable. But this is not a new tactic. Arab strategy to turn Jerusalem into a battleground began in 1920. Unfortunately,  Arab  leaders  often  turn  to  violence  to  gain  what  they were unable to achieve at the negotiating table. When talks broke  down  at  Camp  David  in  2000,  Palestinian  Arab  leaders  unleashed the al-Aqsa Intifada , which amounted to a full-blown guerrilla war against Israel.

It  began  the  day  before  Rosh  Hashanah,  the  Jewish  New  Year, when  Arab  mobs  hurled  rocks  from  the  Temple  Mount  onto  Jewish worshipers praying at the Western Wall below. That rock attack  turned  into  a  steady  campaign  of  terrorist  attacks.  As  the  priming  powder  for  the  Intifada,  Palestinian  leaders  incited  Palestinians and Muslims throughout the world with fables that  falsely suggested that Jews began an assault on al-Aqsa when Ariel Sharon made a half-hour visit to the Temple Mount during tourist hours.The truth is that Palestinians’ plans for warfare had begun immediately after Arafat walked out of the Camp David talks.

Why do Palestinians focus terrorist attacks on the City of Peace? Because  Palestinians,  despite  their  rhetoric,  fully  understand  Jerusalem’s symbolic and spiritual significance to the Jews.Suicide  attacks  –  on  public  buses  and  cafes,  malls,  and  other  crowded sites in the heart of the city – since the 1993 Oslo Accords, are designed to make life hell for Jewish Jerusalemites. Atrocities like  the  February  and  March  1996  bombings  of  two  #18  buses  that  killed  26  people  and  the  August  2001  bombing  of  a  Sbarro  pizzeria that killed 15 (including five members of one family), are part of an ongoing 120-year-old battle that Arabs have waged in opposition to Zionism.

In  April  1920,  a  three-day  rampage  by  religiously  incited  anti-Zionist  Arab  mobs  left  six  dead  and  200  injured  in  the  Jewish  Quarter. The    attackers gutted synagogues and    yeshivot and ransacked homes. Arabs planted time bombs in public places as far back as February 1947, when they blasted Ben-Yehuda Street, Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare, leaving 50 dead. This was all done before the establishment of the State of Israel. In the 1950s, Jordanians periodically shot at Jewish neighborhoods from  the  walls  of  the  Old  City.  And  after  the  city  was  united  in  1967, Arabs renewed their battle for the city by planting bombs in cinemas and supermarkets. The first terrorist attack in that renewed battle came with the 1968 bombing of Jerusalem’s “Machane Yehuda,” the open market, that left  12  dead.  The  plain  facts  about  Palestinian  Arabs  behavior clearly demonstrate that they have forfeited any claim to the City of Peace.
Volltextr: http://www.varimail.com/asp/broadcast/ILIST/jerusalem-unesco1.pdf


Eli E. Hertz: There Has Never Been a Sovereign Arab State in Palestine

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