Basler OIC-Justiz

Verurteilung eines Islamkritikers  

Die Schweizer Rassenjustiz hat wieder zugeschlagen. Weil er Muslime mit Nazis verglichen hat, ist der Basler Musiker David Klein verurteilt worden. Ach ja richtig, der Islam hat ja nichts mit dem islamischen Terror zu tun und nichts mit der Scharia. Der sog. Islamische Staat und alle moslemischen Länder, in denen die Barbareien der Scharia vollstreckt werden, haben so wenig mit dem Islam zu tun wie das islamische Recht. Der Untermenschenstatus der Juden und der übrigen «Ungläubigen» nach Koran hat nichts mit dem islamischen Anti-Judaismus zu tun, und die Zusammenarbeit der Nazis mit den Muslimbrüdern hat so wenig mit dem Islam zu tun wie die Muslimbrüder. Alles klar. Die Rassismus-Strafnorm ist die Schweizer Umsetzung der Blasphemie-Bestimmungen der OIC, die auch die EU sich zu eigen macht.

Noch kann man in Deutschland Glück haben, nach einer Anzeige wegen des Vergeichs des Islam mit der NS-Ideologie nicht sofort verurteilt zu werden. So wurde Michael Mannheimer freigesprochen, nachdem ihn eine Anzeige vor Gericht gebracht hatte, weil er darauf hinwies, dass eine relative kleine, aber radikale und fanatisierte Gruppe wie die Nazis im Frühstadium durch Terror zur Machtübernahme ausreicht. Die Basler Zeitung nahm schon die Anzeige zum Anlass, das inkriminierte Zitat von ihm aus einem Artikel zu streichen aus der Online-Ausgabe. In der Schweiz hätte dieser Vergleich offenbar zur Verurteilung geführt. Dass Moslems sich Juden gegenüber wie Nazis aufführen, was Klein in bezug auf Israel geschrieben hatte, interessiert das Gericht im rotgrün dominierten Basel so wenig wie der nazimässige antijüdische Terror von Toulouse bis Paris, von Brüssel bis Kopenhagen, von Malmö bis Berlin. Aber der islamische Antijudaismus hat ja nichts mit Moslems zu tun und Moslems haben nichts mit dem Islam zu tun. Linke Logik.

Obama pro Muslimbrüder gegen El Sisi

Verhindert Obama den Kampf gegen den radikalen Islam?

Will Obama Support Egypt’s War on Radical Islam?

by Raymond Stock
Fox News
March 19, 2015

Originally published under the title, „Egypt’s Sisi wants to defeat radical Islam. When will Obama, US support him?“

Secretary of State John Kerry told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi last week that he „expect[s] a decision very soon“ on the full restoration of U.S. military aid to Cairo.Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi continues to reach out to America for help in rallying the forces of good against a rising tide of evil—the ever-spreading virus of militant Islam.

And so far we are still snubbing him.

As I have written before in this space, Sisi appears to be a surprising successor to the heroic British leader who first rallied his own people, then appealed to the New World to join not only his, but humanity’s, cause against the Nazi menace—which is in many ways similar to the Islamist one today.

Despite America’s declared need for strong Arab allies in the war against ISIS, which Sisi is already fighting in the northern Sinai, and has even bombed in Libya, our own government’s commitment is still pending.

After meeting with Sisi last week at the giant Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in the southern Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Secretary of State John Kerry said on March 14, „I really expect a decision very soon,“ about restoring the full $1.3 billion in annual U.S. military aid, largely suspended since the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi at widespread popular demand in July 2013.

While swearing his own support for Sisi’s program of economic liberalization, Kerry could not say the renewal of the whole aid package would be approved. Given that Kerry has seemed more positive about Sisi than his boss, President Obama, for some time—with little effect — his influence may not be decisive.

Despite America’s declared need for strong Arab allies in the war against ISIS, our government’s commitment to Sisi is still pending.

Meanwhile, Sisi announced on March 16 that the EEDC—featuring 3,500 delegates from 52 countries, among them 50 heads of state–had produced an impressive $60 billion in direct investment and soft loans, all desperately needed after 4 years of political upheaval and economic destruction.

The action was led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait—Sisi’s main partners against the Islamists, apparently with little American involvement beyond private investments by General Electric.

Yet despite America’s declared need for strong Arab allies in the war against ISIS, which Sisi is already fighting in the northern Sinai, and has even bombed in Libya, our own government’s commitment is still pending.

The Obama administration backed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood organization during the Arab Spring, when they rapidly established an elected Islamist dictatorship, prompting the largest demonstrations in history.

The U.S. and Western media have lost credibility with most Egyptians for their criticism of Sisi for cracking down on the MB and other Islamists since taking power as well as elements of the secular opposition who refuse to seek permits to stage demonstrations, a measure imposed to limit the chaos that has prevailed since the 2011 overthrow of long-time president and U.S. ally, Hosni Mubarak, plus extreme behavior by the judiciary, which Sisi insists must remain independent.

The criticism has ignored or minimized a terrorist campaign to overthrow Sisi—himself freely-elected in June 2014—by the once ostensibly (but never really) peaceful MB, which openly backs the global jihad.

But Sisi’s critics were silent when Morsi, during his year in power, openly smashed opposition to his rule and declared himself above the Constitution and the courts. American aid then actually increased—but has been slashed under Sisi, who gained twice as many votes in 2014 as Morsi did in 2012.

The American-trained Sisi has been forced to radically diversify his lines of military supply.MB television channels have lately broadcast calls to murder Sisi and journalists who back him, as well as a demand by a newly announced group, the Revolutionary Punishment Movement, that all foreigners leave Egypt by the end of February–or else be „hunted down.“

Meanwhile, U.S. backing for the MB has not ended: the State Department hosted a delegation of MB-allied former lawmakers from Egypt at Foggy Bottom on January 28. That group also met with a representative from the White House the same day—shocking Cairo even further.

All this has driven the American-trained Sisi—very reluctantly—to radically diversify his lines of military supply, signing a $3 billion purchasing agreement with Russia (with which Egypt will also build its first nuclear power plant) and a $5.5 billion deal with France to buy its advanced Rafale fighter-bomber.  Volltext:

El-Sisis Rede vor der Al Azhar

Egypt’s Sisi: Islamic „Thinking“ Is „Antagonizing the Entire World“

by Raymond Ibrahim
January 1, 2015

President Sisi during his New Year’s Day speech before Al-Azhar

Speaking before Al-Azhar and the Awqaf Ministry on New Year’s Day, 2015, in connection to Prophet Muhammad’s upcoming birthday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a vocal supporter for a renewed vision of Islam, made what must be his most forceful and impassioned plea to date on the subject.

Among other things, Sisi said that the „corpus of [Islamic] texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years“ are „antagonizing the entire world“; that it is not „possible that 1.6 billion people [reference to the world’s Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live“; and that Egypt (or the Islamic world in its entirety) „is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.“

The relevant excerpt from Sisi’s speech follows (translation by Michele Antaki):

I am referring here to the religious clerics. We have to think hard about what we are facing—and I have, in fact, addressed this topic a couple of times before. It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma [Islamic world] to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world. Impossible!

That thinking—I am not saying „religion“ but „thinking“—that corpus of texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years, to the point that departing from them has become almost impossible, is antagonizing the entire world. It’s antagonizing the entire world!

Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

I am saying these words here at Al Azhar, before this assembly of scholars and ulema—Allah Almighty be witness to your truth on Judgment Day concerning that which I’m talking about now.

All this that I am telling you, you cannot feel it if you remain trapped within this mindset. You need to step outside of yourselves to be able to observe it and reflect on it it from a more enlightened perspective.

I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move… because this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.

Note: It is unclear if in the last instance of umma Sisi is referring to Egypt („the nation“) or if he is using it in the pan-Islamic sense as he did initially to refer to the entire Islamic world.

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a Judith Friedman Rosen Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum and a CBN News contributor. He is the author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013)


Was unsere Medien dem früheren General el-Sisi und heutigen Staatsoberhaupt Ägyptens besonders übelnehmen, ist sein entschlossenes Vorgehen gegen die Muslimbrüder, die nur militärisch in Schach zu halten waren. Die islamophilen deutschsprachigen Medien fühlen sich dem islamischen Religionsterror viel mehr verbunden als seinen Opfern. So wie sie die Islamrestauration in der Türkei unter Erdogan favorisierten gegenüber dem kemalistischen Militär als Wächter der säkularen Verfassung und nicht kapierten, was  die Entmachtung des Militärs für die Re-Islamisierung der Türkei und darüberhinaus für ein islambefallenes Europa bedeutete,  so naiv feierten sie den Arabischen Frühling, der sich in Ägypten schnell als islamischer Winter entpuppte. Dass die Errichtung von Regimen nach islamistischen Vorstellungen sich gegen die ganze Welt richtet, wie El-Sisi sagt, gilt in Deutschland als Hetze und Islamophobie. Vielleicht möchten deutsche Linke und Grüne Sisi wegen Volksverhetzung vor den EU-Gerichtshof bringen? Oder  Schweizer Grüne mit Vischer als Leitbulle möchten ihm vielleicht eine Rassismus-Anzeige verpassen?


Erdogan’s Egyptian Nightmare

by Burak Bekdil
The Gatestone Institute
December 30, 2014


Auch die BaZ (Eugen Sorg) hat diese Rede berücksichtigt und gewürdigt.  

mit einem Artikel von Eugen Sorg v. 9.1.15 „Eine Frage der Moral“