Schweden werden zur Minderheit im eigenen Land

Swedes are now a Minority in Many local Communities

Moslems in Schweden

Asylum seekers are flocking to Sweden in large numbers, which has an extremely lenient immigration policy.

This influx gives increasingly unmanageable problems, getting asylum seekers placed and to handle relations with the local population.

Particularly small communities are being hit hard. Here the situation is now so serious that Swedish Television (SVT), which is known for its political correctness, made a reportage about the problems.

It is about the small town of Gusum, where there are already many asylum seekers, and it stands to receive even more.

According to the reportage, in many Swedish communities there are as many immigrants as Swedes. In several communities, immigrants are a majority, and some places they are up to twice as many as Swedes.

It gives immense practical problems. And above all, it undermines the identity, the culture and the way of life that has characterized these communities.

The elite has created a trend in which more and more Swedes feel like strangers in their own country.

The small communities must take a particularly large proportion of asylum seekers because it is somewhat easier to find homes for them there.

Often local property owners and the Swedish Migration Board makes agreements without informing the local council and the local population.

Citizens are first informed when the Swedish Migration Board already has purchased buildings to house asylum seekers, and then there is not much to discuss.

In many cases, the necessary local framework to receive so many asylum seekers are not in place, schools, child care, health care, elderly care, and more.

Some of the asylum seekers brings violence and crime to the communities that has so far been extremely peaceful.

They also quickly shape the townscape, as they lack something to do and therefore often gather in groups – causing some residents to feel overwhelmed and insecure.

At the same time the Swedes are experiencing that their needs in a number of cases are being pushed aside to accommodate asylum seekers. It may be housing, social services, medical services or otherwise.

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