Islamisches Recht hat nichts mit dem Islam zu tun

30 January 2015 |

A Syrian woman survived an execution by stoning in Syria and managed to flee because it was ‚God’s will that she lived‘. (…)  

According to the Observatory, at least 15 people, nine of them women, have been executed by jihadists in Syria, including Al-Qaeda-linked militants, since July for alleged adultery and homosexuality.

Earlier this month, the terrorist group revealed evidence of a series of horrific public executions.

 They included two men who were hurled from the top of a tower block as a punishment for being gay, men who were crucified for banditry and a woman stoned to death for adultery.

The burqa clad woman was pictured being stoned to death by a horde of Islamic State militants, who hurled large rocks at her.

 A piece of blue tarpaulin was then used to cover the dead woman’s body, which was seen on the ground surrounded by a pile of rocks.

ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, hold large swathes of Syria and have imposed a brutal version of Islamic law in territory under their control.


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