Korrupter europäischer Gerichtshof deckt Terrorsponsoring der EU gegen Israel

$48 million of funding given by the EC to groups which include those actively involved in extremist anti-Israel activity

European Court of Justice „Lacking Any Foundation in Law“

by Douglas Murray

The European Commission in recent years has been funding rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic campaign groups. Parading under the banner-term of „NGOs,“ they have one concerted aim, which is to manipulate international opinion against Israel: Foreign government-funded subversion of a democracy.

Few people would ever label the hydra-like institutions of the European Union as transparent… or responsive to the desires of we mere voters. The EU has long been in the habit of ignoring the will of the peoples of Europe, if their will is not the same as the will of the EU. Its accounting procedures are so lacking in accountability that the EU’s own auditors have refused to sign off on the entity’s budgets for the last 18 years running. And of course the European Court has a long and ignoble track-record of ignoring the security concerns of EU citizens in favour of the rights of terrorists to go about their lives and careers unhindered.

So nobody should be terribly surprised at the European Court of Justice’s latest demonstration of opposition not merely to transparency but to the peoples it presumes to govern.

Shortly before Christmas the European Court threw out a lawsuit filed almost three years ago, which would have led to the EU being required to release the details of its funding of non-governmental organizations [NGOs]. The suit, filed in 2010 by the superb NGO Monitor, accused the European Commission [EC] — the „executive branch“ of the acronym-rich EU – of failing to fulfill the EU’s own transparency obligations. These obligations — included, for what it’s worth, in European Freedom of Information law — require that details of EC funding should be available upon request. For thirteen months, NGO Monitor has requested such information, and for all that time the EC has claimed“‚privacy“ and „commercial interests“ among other reasons for refusing to have any transparency.

Previously, since June 2005, NGO monitor had identified almost $48 million of funding given by the EC to groups which include those actively involved in extremist anti-Israel activity. such as boycott campaigns and „lawfare“ — frivolous and malicious lawsuits to try, through the harassment and expense of lawsuits, to intimidate people from questioning or criticizing Islam.

Now, amazingly, the Luxembourg-based European Court has not only ruled in favour of the EC’s resistance to transparency, it has labelled NGO Monitor’s claims „manifestly unfounded“ and „lacking any foundation in law.“ The fact that it is manifest to everybody else that the foundation for such claims lies in European law was completely overridden. Indeed the court even — disgracefully — ordered NGO Monitor to pay the costs incurred by the EC in the case.

Beyond the Israeli media, too little has been made of this case. But it is vital that Europeans and Americans understand the true nature of the subversion going on here. > weiterlesen


Eine iraelische Quelle zum Terrorsponsoring gegen Israel:

Europe and beyond

  • Europe serves as a popular location for Hezbollah operatives to conduct fundraising activities, accruing an estimated $198 million a year. E.U. officials have identified 900 Hezbollah terrorists residing in Germany and sleeper cells in 20 E.U. nations. Hezbollah cells are using key European capitals as intelligence-gathering centers. In 2008, evidence suggested Hezbollah had planned terrorist attacks in Rome and Paris, as well as the kidnapping of major figures. http://www.theisraelproject.org/site/c.hsJPK0PIJpH/b.2060919/k.753D/Iran_Leading_State_Sponsor_of_Terror.htm



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