Jagdszene in Schweden

Nach dem Mordanschlag kommen die Rufmörder

 Auch schwedische Medien beteiligen sich an der Treibjagd der Schw. gegen Lars Hedegaard, so die Tageszeitungen Aftonbladet, Helsingborgs Dagblad  und Dagens Nyheter sowie der Publizistenclub von Stockholm. Die Meute hat Blut geleckt und macht aus dem Überlebenden des Mord-Anschlags, der von der Rassismus-Anschuldigung in Dänemark in letzter Instanz freigesprochen wurde, einen Erzrassisten. Einer, der den Freispruch nicht verkraftet hat und nach einer Verurteilung lechzt, hechelt wie ein tollwütiger Hund, der hinter einem Knochen her ist,  den man ihm aus dem Maul gerissen hat: „Ein Rassist ist ein Rassist ist ein Rassist.“  Man will ihn doch noch zu schnappen bekommen. Wenn nicht durch die Justiz und nicht durch den Killer, dann durch die Medienmeute, die ihm auf den Fersen bleibt. Er soll doch nicht glauben, dass er mit dem Freispruch und dann noch mit dem Leben davonkommt! 

Ein Aufruf um Unterstützung der Klage gegen die Verleumder und Rufmörder aus International Dispatch: 

Help Lars Hedegaard sue the Swedish media!

Dispatch International launches fundraiser to sue the newspapers Aftonbladet, Helsingborgs Dagblad and others for libel

Swedish mainstream media is sinking ever deeper into the swamp of lies. They revile people who assert their right to free expression, call people critical of Islam and immigration ‘racists’, yet refuse to print anything about the massive problems that mass immigration to Sweden have caused.

The latest example of Swedish media insanity could be seen in the coverage of the assassination attempt on our Danish editor-in-chief Lars Hedegaard. The same day a fake postman tried to shoot Hedegaard, a large number of newspaper published an article sent by the Swedish news agency TT, with the following passage:

  • ”The author Hedegaard is one of the few Danes who is a certified racist, since he some years ago was fined by the Danish High Court for having said in a blog interview that Muslim fathers rape their children. He was later acquitted by the Supreme Court”

In several instances, the telegram got the headline ”Enemy of Islam shot at in Denmark”. Between the lines: Lars Hedegaard got what he deserved. Anyone audacious enough to use their freedom of expression to criticize a totalitarian ideology such as Islam must expect to be shot one day. That a Supreme Court verdict abrogates any previous, and that Lars Hedegaard thus never was a “certified racist”, does not seem of concern to the journalists.

Farthest went Johan Malmberg, who in Helsingborgs Dagblad wrote an opinion piece with the headline: “A racist is a racist is a racist”. In that article, one could read:

  • Even a radical racist like Lars Hedegaard, founder of the Free Press Society and editor of the Muslim-hating newspaper Dispatch International, must of course be supported by the foundations of democracy just as everyone else. A man who claims that Muslims rape their children and try to dominate the world, still just wants to be seen as an Islam-critic. But what he in fact is, is of course an enemy of Islam, a xenophobe and a racist.”

The second step in the mudslinging campaign was initiated by author and journalist Katarina Mazetti. During a discussion at Publicistklubben (“Club of Publishers”) in Stockholm on February 11th, she suddenly threw around her suspicion that the assassination attempt had never taken place. She encouraged journalists to dig into the case, “as there was no trace of evidence”.

Mazetti later followed up her conspiracy theories in an article in the magazine Journalisten. Staff writer at Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter Erik Helmersson took the bait, and wrote:

”What we know is hardly more than this: Lars Hedegaard, spokesman for the Danish Free Press Society, claims to have been the target of an assassination attempt. He has given a description of the perpetrator as “Middle Eastern looking” and dressed in a red coat. Danish police says they have video recordings of a dark haired escaping the crime scene.”

At the end of his article, Helmersson writes: The ensuing investigation will show if the crime took place or not”.

Since when has it been the task of journalists to question if an attempted murder took place or not – merely based on their dislike of the victim?

Erik Helmersson apparently considers it perfectly fine to suspect that Lars Hedegaard has made up the attack – in spite of the bullet hole, the cartridge, the packet, the emergency call from Lars Hedegaard to the police, video recordings of the fake postman and neighbors who have seen the man in the red coat prowl around in the area. The writer even continues to question the Danish police who, according to him, “claim to have video images”.

Lars Hedegaard has reported the libel to the Swedish Chancellor of Justice and to the Press Ombudsman, but the chance that the Chancellor chooses to prosecute the media is considered slim. Victims of libel in Sweden are to file a civil case at the court, a very costly undertaking. In contrast, anyone considering themselves subject to the fuzzy ”incitement to racial hatred” can always count on having the Discrimination Ombudsman provide them with assistance to take up their case.

But enough is enough. We at Dispatch International have never incited to hatred against any group suffering the bad luck to be born into the hateful ideology of Islam). To the contrary, we hold the media partially responsible for the attempted murder. For if anyone has incited (against us), it is the journalists who by repeatedly labeling us ‘racists’ and ‘hateful’ have give the madman who attempted to kill Lars Hedegaard the impression that we are lawless.

We now start a fund raising campaign to enable us to file a civil complaint. With the help of you readers we will try to put an end to the decline of Swedish journalism. It needs to be made clear to journalists and their responsible publishers that they and their lies – not we and our truths – constitute a danger to democracy and freedom of expression.

Will you help us sue the media? Contribute with the amount you choose! You can do so by Paypal to subscribe@dispatch-international.com , by visiting our web page http://www.d-intl.com and press the Donate button, or by bank transfer (details below). Don’t forget to write “Lars Hedegaard case” on your contribution.

We will keep our readers informed about the progress.



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